Ladies and Gentlemen,


I want to express my sincere gratitude to all those who in one way or another contributed to the project. Thank you for your time, patience, expended efforts!


Without the assistance and support from both as respected men and women of science so Ladies and Gentlemen who are the specialists from other fields of human activities that favour sympathetic to ukrwords on it was impossible to form a complete picture of possible perception of the features of the project by an audience. Although the ukrwords only grope their way in the boundless expanses of the market economy main directions are already laid thanks to feedback:


Tkachyshyna O.R., Ph.D. in Psychology, Assistant Professor of Department of Social Pedagogics in M.P. Drahomanov NPU;


Svyntsyts’ka O.H., teacher of Ukrainian language, Klevans’k PSI (practical scientific institution), “school-lyceum”, Rivne region;


Ruslana Mykyta, Drogobych Pedagogical University student;


Dara Kornii, writer;


Roman Kasiian, master of philosophy, NaUKMA graduate;


Olena Kutovenko, Mohyla School of Journalism, NaUKMA student;


Pylyp Selihey, linguist;


Serhii Kvit, Professor of Philology;


Halyna Shevtsova, candidate of architecture, Ph.D., photographer;


Lesia Burmas, insurance consultant of Austrian brokerage house WVP;


Oksana Suslova, deputy editor of children's magazine “PIZNAIKO”;


Pyroh Victor, teacher of foreign languages, IAPM;


Vasyl Dutka, Ph.D.;


Stoliarova T.O., Ph.D. in Education;


Ol’ha Zin’ko, leading specialist of IAPM;


Panchuk Viktor Ivanovych, Ph.D.;


Ol'ha Shykura, translator, NaUKMA graduate;


Nataliya Vakulenko, Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages IAPM;


Taras Byk, analyst;


Olena Volosevych, editor-in-chief of children's magazine “Anheliatkova nauka”; 


Halyna Kharuk, web-designer;


Alexander Hryhorovych Tatarynov, Chairman of Khartsyz'k KРOKС town center;


Pavlo Pidhorodets'kyi, crosswords composer;


Natalka Chermalykh, art expert;


Taras Prokhas'ko, writer;


Ihor Vyspian'skyi, web designer;


Oksana Fedorchenko, psychologist and so on.


Special thanks to Mariia A. Bezschasna for the valuable advice on ukrwords design.


Thanks to Sviatoshyn employment centre in Kyiv for the opportunity to take a course of IT-specialist and thus enhance my knowledge in information technology.


Sincere thanks to Mr. Artamonov Y.B. on impulse and promotion of this website you can see first-hand now.


Sincerely, Mykhailo Dazh