To apply and promote a new type of crossword puzzles with native Ukrainian roots.





A personal ukrword to everyone! And even two!


Distinctive feature (see cartoon): 


The ukrword, unlike a traditional crossword puzzle, has the following features:

1)                      either an aphorism or a riddle is used as a semantic basis for the ukrword;

2)                      obvious encyclopedic of crosswords is supplemented with a need of additional search for a clue-answer to the ukrword;

3)                      the solution-answer depends on the footing text according to the sense;

4)                      a circle shape is used (it is not necessarily).

They are original by their semantic and formal feature.

The solution of this type of crosswords is correctly identified surname (name) of author's expression that might be read inside of the circle. Alternatively, the answer to the text of a riddle may be the solution of the ukrword.



Toolkit for achieving:


A website where you can solve, post, discuss ukrwords.

Placing links on popular mass media websites with access to the fresh daily ukrword from the source website.

Applying the special course for studying ukrwords based on literary, philosophical, scientific (mathematical) aphorisms, riddles, sayings, theorems (eg, Pythagorean theorem perfectly fits the fabric of the traditional ukrword) to the high school program.

The nationwide competition among ukrwords solvers under motto (see the above motto).



Attractiveness to sponsors:


Possibility to use slogans or brand names.

The slogan of the brand might be used as the ukrword. The name of the brand might be put down as a solution to the slogan-ukrword thus familiarizing the target audience with your brand name. The information about production of a company, the field of its activities, staff favourite sayings could be used as text of the ukrword instead of the slogan. And as the solution - either the same brand name or a company name!

Employees of your organization can order their personal ukrword to which their name will be a solution!



Commercial value:


Ukrwords are an additional way to advertise your brand!



Availability of software:


At this stage, templates designed in Microsoft Word 2007 are used to compose the ukrwords. A script written in "Python" is used for the selection of appropriate words. Dictionaries in Microsoft Excel 2007, electronic dictionaries "Belazar" and "Wakan" are used too depending on the language.

Now scripts written in ActionScript 2.0 are tested to ensure interactivity in filling in ukrwords online with the possibility of further placing in the Internet.



An example of a phased solution:


Figure 1 shows the subspecies of the ukrwords - "Eddy". As in the "Snowflakes" and "Buttons" that will appear at the end of the show, eddy keeps traditional scheme of solution for this type of -words: you need to put down right answer words to entries that are placed next to ukrwords in the appropriate cells. If everything is put down correctly then you will be able to read the name of the author of the expression that is assumed as a basis of this ukrword in a small circle where the empty spaces are so far.


Figure 1

Figure 1 shows a list of tasks to be solved in order from 1 to 6. The ukrword itself is next to the tasks. Answers to the task should be put down in blank fields of the ukrword. The figure on the ukrword corresponds to the number of the tasks and indicates where to start to write the answer.

The answer word for the first task consists of 6 letters and ends with the letter C.


Figure 2

Figure 2 The correct answer ПРИМУС is put down in the empty cells of the ukrword beginning from the place where the number is.


Figure 3

Figure 3 The correct answer ЕСПАДА (encircled in orange) is put down in the ukrword beginning from the place where the figure that corresponds to the task number 2 is (the task is encircled in red).


Figure 4

Figure 4 The correct answer ХЛОРАТ (the beginning is pointed by the needle) is put down in the ukrword beginning from the place where the figure that corresponds to the task number 3 is (the task is encircled in red).


Figure 5

Figure 5 The correct answer УРВИЩЕ (the beginning is pointed by the needle) is put down in the ukrword beginning from the place where the figure that corresponds to the task number 4 is (the task is encircled in red).